LuBella Candle Company was founded by the husband and wife team of Warren & Brenda Lu Dickens. They named their company LuBella after "Lu" (Warren's lovely wife) and the Italian word "bella" which means beautiful.  Rhonda J LLC acquired LuBella Candle Company in June of 2015. Rhonda, the owner of the design company Rhonda J Designs, and two specialty boutiques in South Texas, is a stockist for Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.  Both of Rhonda’s shops are filled with an eclectic mix of home decor, gifts, and art. Rhonda's customers have fallen in love with LuBella Candles, often ordering them by the case.  When she was approached by Warren to carry on the LuBella brand, Rhonda joyfully accepted this wonderful opportunity.  Rhonda trained under Warren for months until she mastered the art of pouring and crafting candles the "LuBella" way. It was treacherous, but this is serious business. Through Rhonda J, the LuBella Candle Company has continued to grow and maintain the same high-quality products and fragrances.